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“PRISM” was established in November 2006 is a Drug Discovery company...


In Drug Discovery, there are many successful examples developing enzyme...


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PRISM Pharma Achieves Leukemia Study Milestone with PRI-724

PRISM Pharma Co., Ltd., renamed from PRISM BioLab on April 2nd, has started a clinical trial of PRI-724 for leukemia, under the companies’ license agreement to Eisai.

Initiation of the leukemia study expands PRISM’s clinical development of PRI-724 in addition to its current Phase I study for solid tumors. Patient enrollment in the new trial for leukemia at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Texas began in September 12th 2012, achieving a milestone under the license agreement. In April 2011, PRISM signed a licensing agreement with Eisai granting oncology product rights to PRI-724.

This trial includes two phases of clinical development. The Phase I portion will determine the maximum tolerated dose as a single agent, and Phase II will test the efficacy of PRI-724 in combination with standard leukemia treatment. The extended, two phase study design is expected to accelerate the development of PRI-724 into this needed area of patient treatment.

The PRI-724 solid tumor program is in the last stage of Phase Ia. PRISM expects to start the Phase Ib in solid tumors with combination therapy by the end of this year.

◆About PRI-724

PRI-724, an antiproliferative (cell modulating) small molecule that selectively inhibits the CBP/β-catenin complex, modulates the β-catenin dependent pathway of Wnt signaling. Homeostatic activation of the Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathway is observed in various tumor cells resulting in proliferation and metastasis. PRI-724 exhibits a selective antiproliferative effect, inhibiting various cancer cell lines in the laboratory and substantially inhibiting tumor growth in animal studies. Wnt signaling is known to affect many other serious diseases such as fibrosis, and PRI-724 is also expected to provide a new therapeutic course of treatment for non-oncology indications.

◆About PRISM Pharma Co., Ltd.

PRISM BioLab Corporation recently changed its name to PRISM Pharma Co., Ltd. on April 2nd 2012. PRISM focuses on the development of PRI-724 and other lead compounds found from its platform technology and extensive chemical library. Further research on the proprietary protein-protein interaction regulating platform technology and discovery of new lead compounds continues at PRISM Pharma’s 100% subsidiary, PRISM BioLab Co., Ltd