Senior Medicinal Chemist

PRISM BioLab is seeking Senior Medicinal Chemist reporting to the Head of R&D. The successful candidate will be responsible for leading/establishing collaborations, and the state of the art technologies that drive innovative approaches for drug discovery. The candidate is also responsible for leading PRISM BioLab internal projects to move them forward to clinical applications.In PRISM BioLab, based in Japan, innovative research are on-going to discover a new medicine for patients who are not ameliorated by currently existing treatments. We have a proprietary drug discovery platform, PepMetics, and are generating multiple new drug candidates in this very moment. So far our two projects have been licensed out to our partner Pharmaceuticals and clinical studies are ongoing for the development of remedies for serious diseases.

To further accelerate our research and development, we are eagerly looking for talented, passionate, and challenging Senior Medicinal Chemists who can make a paradigm shift with us.

Essential functions and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Lead collaboration R&D as a project leader
  • Design and synthesis of requisite, novel compounds
  • Expansion & further development of PRISM PepMetics platform
  • Active and innovative engagement to our new internal project for drug discovery, including proposing, leading, managing a project

Requirements and qualifications
Basic qualification

  • Expertise in organic chemistry
  • Ph.D. in drug-discovery or related research area
  • Excellent experience on journal publication and conference presentation
  • Successful track record to lead novel drug discovery projects for first-in-class therapeutics, from hit-finding and lead optimization to pre-clinical stage, as a project leader or a key player in a global pharmaceutical
  • Knowledge and experiences of data analyses on pharmacology, safety, pharmacokinetics etc. in drug discovery projects
  • Business-level English skills: communication, presentation, discussion, and writing to have a scientific discussion with global pharmaceuticals
  • Decent IT skill for progression of research and management, including Microsoft Office

Desirable qualification

  • English skill to deliver a business/science negotiation
  • Working experiences in the multiple pharmaceuticals, ideally including experiences in biotechs
  • Experiences in patent specification preparation
  • Management and operation of CROs overseas
  • Talented IT skills for applicable for data management and research progress, including high-level application skills of Excel
  • PostDoc experiences at an institute different from the one where the doctoral research was conducted
  • Japanese skill to communicate with PRISM members

Basic requirement

  • Curiosity and passion for exploiting new drug R&D approach
  • Goal-oriented mind, not data-oriented
  • Decision making even with a limited set of essential information
  • Bring a creative approach to problem solving
  • Strong sense for urgency, be a team player
  • Excellent communication
  • Willingness to bear uncertainty
  • Positive, energetic, and outgoing attitude
  • Self-motivated, finding new ways to perform his/her job better

Job type
Regular, full-time
Discretionary Labor System for professional services.  Deemed to have worked 8 hours.

iPark Shonan
Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan

Monday to Friday

Benefits and compensation

  • Stock option
  • Insurances in Japan (medical, pension, unemployment insurance, workers insurance)
  • Paid time off & sick leave
  • Paid (Japanese) holidays
  • Commuting allowance


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