With its PepMetics® Technology, PRISM generates multi-dimensional matrix libraries with systematic variations of scaffolds and 3-5 substituents. The PRISM PepMetics® Library is a powerful tool to quickly and efficiently create peptide mimetic molecules ready to assay.

The PepMetics® Real Library is a proprietary collection of over 20,000 unique mimetics with a variety of sequence combinations used to screen novel targets and new mechanisms that otherwise cannot be obtained through conventional small molecules.

The PepMetics Library consists of three layers:

  • Real Library: Already synthesized and awaiting screening.
  • On-demand Library: Readily synthesized from prepared Intermediates and fragments. The On-demand library can quickly screen up to as many as 200K molecules.
  • Virtual Library: Based on Real and On-demand libraries we have the capability to virtually screen up to 250 million formulations.

Mimicking nature allows us to “resemble” natural products and thus see the unseen.

Unlike conventional small molecule screening, the PepMetics Real Library covers a significant portion of natural drug products (see graph); thus, providing access to targets that conventional high throughput screening (HTS) would very likely miss.