Doriano Fabbro, Ph.D.
Commentary on Protein-Protein and Protein-Peptide Interactions, peptidomimetics and related topics in drug discovery.

Doriano Fabbro, Ph.D.

Dr. Doriano Fabbro is a Senior VP of Cellestia Biotech. He obtained his PhD from the University of Basel and has been a successful leader and drug discoverer with over 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Dr. Fabbro was the Head of Oncology Drug Discovery and the Kinase Platform at Novartis, and has overseen a significant part of the Novartis global oncology drug discovery portfolio from target discovery to clinical development. Dr. Fabbro was involved in the BCR-ABL project, the first molecular targeted therapy which brought a paradigm-shift in pharmaceuticals with Imatinib, and also initiated/supported the development of Nilotinb, Asciminib, Afinitor, Midostaurin and many other FDA approved anticancer drugs targeting signal transduction inhibitors.

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