Hiroshi Nagabukuro, Ph.D.
Commentary on Protein-Protein and Protein-Peptide Interactions, peptidomimetics and related topics in drug discovery.

Hiroshi Nagabukuro, Ph.D.

Dr. Hiroshi Nagabukuro is the Co-Founder and CEO of both ARTham Therapeutics and JURO SCIENCES. ARTham was recently acquired by Kaken Pharmaceutical for $100M, and JURO was founded as a spin-out of ARTham. He has extensive drug discovery experience for over 25 years across multiple therapeutic areas. Before ARTham, Dr. Nagabukuro was a senior director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship at Takeda, where he was heading the Entrepreneurship Venture Program and contributed launches of 9 different pharma startups out of the program. Before that, he was Research Fellow at Merck Research Laboratories, where he led multiple target identification/validation and optimization programs and significantly contributed to the adrenergic b3 program, which resulted in the approval of vibegron for overactive bladder indication. Dr. Nagabukuro also serves as an Adjunct Professor at Oita University Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics and a visiting fellow at Yokohama City University, School of Medicine. He received his PhD from the University of Tokyo.

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