Can Retrosynthesis Prediction Eliminate Frustration Between Design and Synthesis?
Commentary on Protein-Protein and Protein-Peptide Interactions, peptidomimetics and related topics in drug discovery.

Possibilities of Macrocyclic Drugs: Expanded by Deep Learning

Macrocyclic drug has been intense research field, represented by macrocyclic peptides.1) It is promising if you see the presence of 67 FDA-approved macrocyclic drugs in 2023. but just over 90 compounds have been reported in approved drugs or those in the clinical stage.2) One of the most examples is the Merck’s phase III case. Merck initiated phase III of MK-0616, an orally available macrocyclic...

DLiP-PPI library for Keap1/Nrf2 PPI Inhibitor Identification and Discovery

Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) library is an indispensable and invaluable tool for PPI drug discovery and development. 2P2Idb v21), TIMBAL v22), iPPI-DB3) have been the libraries focused on PPIs and data availability in the recently elucidated cases were limited for long. It will open up to everyone a great opportunity to initiate another PPIs-targeted drug discovery program if ...

Recent Alternatives to Improve Permeability of Peptides

Peptide-based drug design is one of the widely investigated field in pharmaceutical sciences for targeting protein-peptide or protein-protein interaction (PPI) inhibitions. Small molecule-based peptidomimetics like PepMetics® is a solution but a biologically active peptide itself is also interesting drug motif for designing a target-specific molecule candidate for a particular disease...

Potential of Stretching Peptides: Mimicry of β-Strands

A small molecule designed for the mimicry of a part of a biomolecule is playing a key role in drug discovery and development. PepMetic® molecules are the mimetics of α-helices and β-turns in a general sense, Mimicry of another well-known secondary structure of proteins, β-strands, would also have a possibility of controlling PPIs. Here is a curious series of papers involving synthesis and characterization of stretching peptides...


PRISM BioLab社は独自のペプチド模倣低分子化合物を用いてタンパク質間相互作用(PPI)を制御する創薬基盤技術を有しており、画期的な新薬の研究開発を実施しております。この独自技術から創出された癌分野ならびに線維症分野の開発化合物をそれぞれ製薬会社にライセンスアウトし、臨床試験が順調に進んでいます。 現在、複数の欧米大手製薬企業と共同創薬研究を推進しており、事業拡大に伴い経営資源を創薬基盤と創薬プロジェクトに集中し、さらなる成長と新たな展開を推し進めています。私たちに加わってくださる、才能と情熱に溢れたチャレンジングな方の応募をお待ちしています。 職種名 バイオロジスト研究員(役職は経験に応ずる) 職務内容 In vitro薬理試験の立ち上げおよび低分子化合物のスクリーニングの実施 MoA解析のためのin vitro実験の立案と実施 外部研究機関への業務依頼とコントロール Dataの取り纏め・分析、Stakeholderへの報告 要件 必要要件 ライフサイエンス分野で修士号以上を有する方 製薬企業での3年以上の創薬探索研究の経験 新規アッセイ系を自立して構築できる 英語力:業務に関連する文献を問題なく読むことができる 望ましいプラス要件 HTS実施の経験 複数の企業での創薬研究経験(ベンチャー企業での経験はさらに望ましい) ベーシック要件 業務の優先順位付けとタイムマネージメントができる方 優れたコミュニケーション能力がある方 部署名 研究開発部 雇用形態 正社員 勤務形態 裁量労働制(専門業務型裁量労働制により、8時間働いたものとみなす) 勤務場所:湘南アイパーク内 待遇・給与 スキル・経験に応じて優遇(前職給与を考慮) 試用期間3ヶ月(短縮、免除、延長も可) ストックオプション制度あり その他 休日・休暇:土日祝日、会社設定休日(年末年始)、年次有給休暇、各種休暇制度あり(慶弔休暇、介護休暇など) 各種保険制度あり(厚生年金、雇用保険、健康保険、労働保険)など 応募方法 パスワード設定した履歴書と職務経歴書を添付して、下記の採用問い合わせ先メールアドレスにご送付ください。パスワードは別メールでお送り下さい。採用問い合わせ先)

Reaction Conditions Optimization: The Current State

In synthetic chemistry, optimization of reaction conditions is a huge task and most of the chemists learn various ways in the university and graduate school as a training. In many cases in the lab synthesis, intuition-based, trial-and-error campaigns are performed when faced with a difficult reaction to maximize the yield, shorten the reaction time, obtain the product with higher purity and so on.

Cyclic Peptide Structure Prediction: Potential of AlphaFold Is Expanding

AI and ITs are offering us fabulous opportunities for peptide structure prediction. The impact of AlphaFold2 and RoseTTAFold on protein structure prediction is the typical example that rapidly changes our attitudes on “prediction”. We are also interested because of the expanding potential of computational approaches. AlphaFold is based on a deep learning method and the structural dataset...

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